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More Information and References for Air Quality: Particulate Matter (PM2.5)

References and Community Resources

'''Air Quality and Public Health in Utah'''[[br]] This Utah Department of Health Website provides information on particulate matter, its sources, ways to reduce exposure, and trend data.[[br]] [] '''AirNow'''[[br]] This U.S. Government website provides information on air quality from a collaboration of different agencies.[[br]] [] '''Choose Clean Air Utah'''[[br]] This Utah Department of Environmental Quality website provides information about air pollution in Utah and information on how to make healthy choices.[[br]] [] '''Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'''[[br]] These EPA web pages provide information about particulate matter (PM), adverse health effects, research, and regulations.[[br]] [] '''Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'''[[br]] These CDC websites provide information about specific air pollutants and the way it can harm human health.[[br]] *[ Air Pollutants] *[ Air Quality][[br]] [[br]] Citations:[[br]] # Environmental Protection Agency (2016). National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Retrieved November 18, 2016 from the EPA: []. # Utah Department of Health (2019). Particulate Matter (PM): Health Effects - Air Pollution and Public Health in Utah. Retrieved November 14, 2019 from []. # Jacob DJ & Winner DA. (2009) Effect of climate change on air quality. Atmospheric Environment 43(1), 51-63.

More Resources and Links

Evidence-based community health improvement ideas and interventions may be found at the following sites:

Additional indicator data by state and county may be found on these Websites:

Medical literature can be queried at the PubMed website.

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