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Data Query Index Page

Public Query Datasets

Listed below are the available public dataset queries. These queries allow users to specify custom definitions and filters to further explore the data on our website. After specifying the query definitions, users can display the data using charts, tables, or maps.

These public dataset queries have many filters available. Four of these queries have a second version that was built to fit the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network's Nationally Consistent Data Measures (NCDM). These NCDM versions have fewer filters and may refine the dataset by specific environmental exposure or health outcome. These changes for the NCDM queries are outlined in the Overview section on the filter page and/or the Data Notes/Data Sources/Data Issues sections on the query results page.

  • Air Quality Index

    Days by air quality index category by county and core-based statistical area, by year.
  • Birth

    Birth counts, fertility rates, adolescent births, prenantal care, infant birth weight, and pre-term births. Advanced selections available for Utah Small Areas, Medicaid, and Race. For NCDM birth query, click here.
  • Birth Defects

    Prevalence of birth defects statewide and by county.
  • Blood Lead Levels

    Counts and percent of children tested (two age groups). Additionally, preliminary lab-reported values for tests are available through continuously updated electronic lab reports (five age groups). Also includes housing age (percentage of housing units built before 1950).
  • Cancer

    Counts, age-specific crude rates, age-adjusted rates of cancer. Advanced selections available for race/ethnicity. For NCDM cancer query, click here.
  • Drinking Water

    Yearly mean concentration of drinking water contaminants in Community Water Systems
  • Emergency Department Encounters

    Treat and release, treat and admit, and all emergency department encounters, including injury data. Advanced selections available for Utah Small Areas and Injury Categories. For NCDM query, click here.
  • Fetal Mortality (Stillbirths)

    Fetal mortality, including cause of death.
  • Hazardous Substance Releases

    Counts for substance release and victims of substance releases. Substance release query data available by substance category and substance name. Victim data available by age, sex, personal protective equipment status, decontamination site, and injury severity.
  • Hospitalizations

    Hospital discharge, financial charges, length of stay, and death, Advanced selections available for Utah Small Areas and Injury Categories. For NCDM hospitalization query, click here.
  • Housing Unit Age

    Percent of homes built before 1950 by 5-year group. Data available by local health district, county, Utah Small Areas, and ZIP code.
  • Infant Mortality

    Rates and major causes of death for infant mortality (children less than 1 year old), neonatal mortality (children less than 28 days old), and post-neonatal mortality (children 28 days old up to 1 year old). Advanced selection available for Utah Small Areas, Medicaid, and Race.
  • Mortality

    Counts, crude rates, age-adjusted rates, leading causes, and average age at death for all causes of death. Advanced selections available for Utah Small Areas, Race/Ethnicity, and Injury Categories. For the Years of Potential Life Lost query, click here.
  • Poverty

    Percent of the population living in poverty, by year and by county.
  • Radon

    Average radon level and percent of radon tests above the 4.0 pCi/L action level, by local health district, county, and ZIP code.
  • Smoke Days from Wildfires

    Number of smoke days from wildfires by National Weather Service (NWS) weather forecast zone by year and by month.
  • Years of Potential Life Lost

    Rates of years of potential life lost per 100,000 population, available by year (5-year groups) and geography (county and Utah Small Areas).
The information provided above is from the Utah Department of Health's Center for Health Data IBIS-PH web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: " Retrieved Sun, 16 December 2018 1:46:21 from Utah Department of Health, Center for Health Data, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web site: ".

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