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Infant Mortality and Fetal Mortality Causes

The IBIS system uses these selected general causes of death in the Infant Mortality Query Modules.

ICD-10 CodeDefinition
A00-B99,C00-C97, D50-D89, E00-E88, F01-F99,G00-G98,H00-H57,H60-H93,I00-I99,J00-J98,K00-K92,L00-L99,N00-N98) Medical Conditions
P00-P96 Perinatal Conditions
Q00-Q99 Congenital Malformations
V01-V99,W00-W99,X10-X39,X50-X59,Y85-Y86) Unintentional and Accidental
U01,X85-Y09 Assault and Homicide
X60-X84,Y10-Y36Other External Causes

NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) uses ICD-10 codes to produce a list of 130 selected causes of Infant Death.

The IBIS system uses program defined the NCHS 130 selected of these causes for the Infant Mortality Query Modules. For a complete listing of the causes of Infant Death see the National Vital Statistics Report:
Deaths: Leading Causes for 2004 (Table B on pages 5-7).
Deaths: Leading Causes for 2002 (Table B on pages 5-7).
Deaths: Leading Causes for 1999 (Table B on pages 5-7). One difference from previous version, injury *U01,V01-Y84 instead of V01-Y89

Fetal Death Causes: Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics, Center for Health Data and Informatics, Utah Health Department uses ICD-10 codes to produce a list of selected causes of Infant fetal Death:

Utah Fetal Deaths by Selected Causes for 2003 (Table A31 on pages R42-R44)

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