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Instructions for Downloading and Installing Adobe's SVG Viewer

This page contains instructions for downloading and installing Adobe's free SVG Viewer software. The SVG Viewer program will allow you to use the interactive features of the charts and maps displayed by the IBIS-PH system.

Quick Installation Instructions / Overview

  1. Click on the following link to see the Adobe SVG Viewer Install page:
  2. Scroll down the page to the list of file download links, and click on a version that is compatible with your computer (most likely the top one, English Win98-XP).
  3. Proceed to download the file (which is an executable setup program).
  4. Run the downloaded setup program and follow any instructions as directed.
  5. Go to the IBIS-PH Graphic Display Preference page and select the SVG option.

NOTE: There might be post setup steps so if you're not using a PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows please check out Adobe's Site for any special instructions.

System and Browser Requirements

The SVG Viewer will run on the following operating systems (please check the Adobe SVG site for the very latest supported platform list and instructions).

Operating Systems - SVG Viewer will run on the following operating systems:
  • Windows 95 through XP (XP, 95, 98, SE, 2000, ME, NT 3.x, NT 4.0)
  • MacIntosh System 8.6 through 9.2 and OS 10.1 through 10.4 (but not OS 10.0)
  • Redhat Linux 7.1 through 9e
  • Solaris 8

Browsers - SVG Viewer should run on any supported browser listed on Adobe's site. Listed below are some of the findings and experiences for different browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on a PC running Windows. This configuration has been heavily tested and has proved to be reliable for viewing the IBIS-PH site with SVG charts/maps.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Macintosh. Internet Explorer on a Mac is not the same as Internet Explorer on a PC. Some testing has been done with this configuration with very little success. This is not a recommended configuration for Mac users. Opera seems to work better for this site when using a Mac.
  • Netscape Navigator versions 4.5 through 4.78. This version of Netscape does work with the SVG viewer but is not up to date with current web technologies. The IBIS-PH site utilizes some of the newer HTML, CSS, and Javascript features that these versions do not support.
  • Netscape Navigator versions 6.0 and Firefox version 1.0. These newer Mozilla based browser versions do support all the features used by the IBIS-PH site. SVG support is not 100% reliable and is different depending on the browser version and the operating system. Also, the IBIS-PH site uses a DHTML menuing package that has problems displaying drop down/pop up menus over the top of SVG charts/maps.
  • Firefox version 1.5+. This is the first browser to support SVG natively. IBIS-PH uses Agileblox software to create the SVG charts. The SVG that the Agileblox package produces is not 100% SVG compliant. Firefox requires strict compliance and as such SVG will fail. SVG is enabled by default when Firefox is installed and is not recognized via the img element tag (so it still needs to use an embed or object tag). To use a plugin the SVG must be disabled to do this enter "about:config" into the URL address input area. Then scroll down to the SVG.enabled property and double click it to toggle it off (false). The SVG will not work even if the Adobe SVG Viewer is installed without disabling native support. Please see Mozilla SVG Project Frequently Asked Questions for a more detailed explanation and options to get Firefox to work with the IBIS-PH SVG. Basic testing has shown that the best way to get SVG support is to turn off the native SVG support. More detailed instructions are located about half way down the FAQ page referenced above. If using the Adobe SVG viewer you should only try to use SVG 6 as version all of the 3.0.x versions have been hit and miss. It is recommended to simply use JPEG but to use the Adobe plugin simply copy the "NPSVG6.dll" and "" files from the program files / common / adobe directory to the program files / firefox / plugins directory and restart.
  • Opera 6.0 and up. These newer versions of Opera do support the features used by the IBIS-PH site. Opera, like the Mozilla based browsers discussed above, also has issues/problems based on the specific version of browser and the SVG Viewer version.

To see which browser version you're using, open a browser window, and click on the "Help" pull-down menu, then click on "About ..." If you do not have an appropriate browser and are running a Microsoft Windows based PC, click here to go to Microsoft's main Internet Explorer page. Then follow the links to download the latest version.

More Detailed Instructions for Downloading and Installing Adobe's Free SVG Viewer

NOTE: These instructions are geared for a PC user running Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may want to print these instructions so you can refer to them easily.

  1. Click on the SVG Viewer Download link:
  2. Scroll down to the list of viewer links, and click on a version that is compatible with your needs (most likely the top one, English Win98-XP).
  3. The Windows "File Download" dialog box will be displayed, click "save".
  4. A dialog box will be displayed asking you where to save the SVG Viewer Install executable file (named SVGView.exe). The default directory is typically "My Downloads" or "My Documents". Click "save" to download and save the file to the selected folder.
  5. Wait for the file to complete the download then click the "close" button.
  6. If you are running a browser other than Internet Explorer, you'll need to close all your browser windows and reopen your browser. Internet Explorer users may skip this step.
  7. Go to the directory/place where the file was saved/downloaded to and Run the "SVGView.exe" setup program. This can be done several different ways. One way is to click "Start" menu and select "Run" from your Start menu. Next, click on "Browse." Then find the SVGView.exe file that you just saved to your PC (typically the "C:\My Downloads" folder). Select it and click "open." Then click "OK" to run it.
  8. The setup program will then install and configure itself for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Press the "Close" button when finished.
  9. The first time you select a web page that contains an SVG graphic, you will be asked to accept the Adobe Use Agreement.
  10. Go to the Website Graphic Display Preferences and select the SVG option.

The information provided above is from the Utah Department of Health's Center for Health Data IBIS-PH web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: " Retrieved Sat, 25 June 2022 19:31:53 from Utah Department of Health, Center for Health Data, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web site: ".

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